HRM Process 

Processes of human resource management HRM

Processes of Human Resource Management – HRM are as follows:

1. Recruitment, Selection, and Placement – ​​In this step recruitment, selection and appointment are done. The recruitment process depends on Human Resource Management (HRM) and the job of HRM is to issue recruitment information through websites, newspapers, and articles. Basically, it is a process of inviting eligible candidates to join the organization through various means.

2. Training – Training comes after the selection to promote the knowledge and enhance the skills of the selected candidates. If the employees are to get good and right work then they should be systematically trained and it is the responsibility of Human Resource Management (HRM) to identify the training needs, prepare and implement the training program and develop new skills. Helps to prepare employees. One of the main roles of Human Resource Management is to provide the best possible training at a low cost and select candidates.

3. Assessing Performance – Both the company and the employee should benefit from the performance management process, which allows the company to know about the skills of its employees from time to time, Due to which the quality of work of the company is maintained. Companies used to set annual performance metrics and targets, according to which employees are given salary increases, rewards, etc.

4. Compensation and Benefits – Human Resource Management (HRM) determines what is to be paid for different types of jobs which include – Salary Administration, Salary Administration, Incentives, Bonuses, Benefits, etc., one of the basics is compensation and benefits. This is the area of ​​wage and salary administration where fairness is decided by scientific methods. Fair compensation is important in motivating and retaining employees.

5. Health and Safety – One of the important functions of HRM is to formulate and enforce health and safety regulations.

HRM Process

Components of Human Resource Management – HRM
Components of Human Resource Management – HRM
1. Acquisition – 

It is related to internal and external recruitment and planning for an organization or company. This ensures that the company has the right number of people at the right place and at the right time to be able to complete the required work. And it also ensures estimating the demand and supply of manpower.
2. Development – 

​​It is related to imparting knowledge and skills to do the job properly. This can be done through technical or non-technical training, assignments, professional programs, skill development, management development, career development, etc. 

All the employees of any organization or company need some initial training or orientation while starting a new job because the ultimate goal of the company is to enhance the future performance of the organization through skilled employees.

3. Motivation – 

When the training is over, the manager must motivate the employees to do better work. The motivation here means an activity that motivates the employee to perform well in actual live projects and includes performance appraisal, rewards, performance, compensation benefits, discipline, constructive feedback, job design, etc.
4. Maintenance – 

It is related to the process of maintaining the employees in the organization or company. It helps the company to retain good employees. For example, the company should give a good work environment.

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