There are various roles and functions performed by managers in an organisation some of which are given here.


Managers sets goals and outlines steps for each individual and resource within a specific time frame to perform the tasks effeciently.


Managers organises necessary materials and resources required by the team to perform and achieve the plans effectively.


Managers recruit and select best suitable candidates to perform the job. He provides training and development to team for improving their skills and knowledge.


Managers direct and guides employees to actively work together to achieve the oganisational goals by setting certain priorities creating a positive work environment.


Managers tack employees performance and activities to ensure everything is at the right place as set by the management or not, he attempt to identify any deviations.

Managers at every level of the organisation perform these mentioned functions, but the time and energy he spends on each one depends upon the organisational departments and levels. 

A manager is not only a team leader but he also plays the role of a organizer, problem solver, planner, coach, cheerleader, and decision maker in an organisation.