Learning is an on going process that influences everything we do all aspects of life. Here are some reasons that answer the question 'why learning is important?'.

Learning is a complete mental workout for your brain power and makes it activated, sharp. It improve the brain power and connections, it helps to prevent cognitive decline as we gets older.

Learning is an investment in life that increases skills, expertise, and knowledge which can open the door of success overtime. Learning always leads to sucess in this fast changing world.

In today's fast changing world learning ability allows people to adapt themselves as per situations and improve their skills according to career opportunities.

Learning ability sharpens the problem sovling ability of an individual.  This ability enables one to tackle any tough situation easily in life and allows them to find creative solutions.

Learning something new make an individual confident and energetic. Expertise in new skills or knowledge enhances self-esteem and  boost self confidence to tackle one's goals.

Greater understanding ability can be developed by learning new experiences and subject books. Exposer to different cultures, perpectives, myths, ideals. provides a brader view of understanding. 

Learning is a gift of life that always keeps on giving us. It is a tool that allow us to reach our potential and explore the ever-changing world's challenges and adventures.