To run a store efficiently it is required to have a diverse skillset that enables store manager to handle everything  efficiently. 


Multitasking skills are required for store managers as they have to perform plenty of works together each day and on time while keeping an eye on their team performance.

Time management 

Time management is must for store managers to make sure they allocate enough time to each responsibility and finish their work before deadlines.

Decision Making 

Many times store managers have to make prompt retail decisions to grab the opportunties while evaluating all the information thoroughly and by avoiding mistakes.


Store managers need to be effective leaders so that they can motivate and inspire their team members to perform the tasks effectively and with accuracy.

Organisational skills 

Organisational skills are required to find the various aspects that can be improved to mangage the budgets, identify problems, increase sales and reduce costs.


Retail managers must have good communication skills so that they can share their ideas with their teams and resovle the issues of the customers effectively.

Motivational skills 

Motivational skills allow store managers to provide advice, feedback, and motivation to their team members to perform their best and improve themselves whenever required.

Customer service 

Retail managers must have strong customer service skills to develop strategies and train their team members on how to deal with customers effectively.