Organizational culture represents the personality of a company. It influences how decisions are made and how employees interact with each other including everything else within an organisation. 

Organizational culture influences many factors of an organization, such as employee behaviour, performance, talent attraction, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Organizational culture is important for business success, it impacts everything from employee satisfaction to financial performance, and many different reasons are given ahead.

1. Defines Identity and Values

Organizational culture creates a sense of belongingness and purpose among employees, that guides their behavior and decisions.

2. Enhances employee engagement

It creates a  supportive and motivating work environment that provides employees with a sense of purpose and clear expectations

3. Improves decision making

A strong culture can lead to better decision-making by guiding employees on what is acceptable within an organisation and and what is not. 

4. Enhances brand reputation

A positive organizational culture can help to attract customers and investors, while a negative culture can badly impact a company's image.  

5. Increases innovation

Organizational culture encourages continuous improvement, creativity, learning from failures and risk-taking ability which can lead to more innovation.