There are many styles of leadership but the best one depends on the factors and situation. Here are most commonly used styles of leadership.

Autocratic leaders always give orders without asking any opinion and make decisions on their own. Team members have to follow their orders whether they are right or wrong. 

Autocratic Leadership

Democratic leaders involve their team members while making any decision they respect their suggestions and sometimes apply them also if the are useful.

Democratic Leadership

Laissez-faire leaders provide team members with autonomy and freedom. This style is useful for skilled and motivated team members but many times it can lack direction and accountablity.

Laissez-Faire Leadership

Transformational leaders have inspirational and charismatic personality as they always motivate their team members to achieve sucess.

Transformational Leadership

Transactional leaders always focus on the performance of team. They reward team members with good performance and punish those who have poor performance.   

Transactional Leadership

Servant leaders always prioritise the needs of their team members before anything. They support their team members to grow and develop their skills. This style builds trust and loyalty within the team.

Servant  Leadership

Situational leaders have the abilty to adapt their leadership styles as per the needs of the teams. This style can be effective if leaders have high level of self awareness and flexibility.

Situational Leadership

Charismatic leaders have an appealing personality as they are able to inspire people to follow them anywhere. This leadership style can be harmful is the leader is not trustworthy.

Charismatic Leadership

Coaching leaders help their team members to develop their skills and abilities. This leadership style is effective for long term development and therefore a time consuming process.

Coaching Leadership

One size does'nt fits all therefore choosing best leadership style depends upon the situation and team members personality.