one word substitution

important one word substitution for SSC, CHSCL Exam

One Word Substitution

One word Substitution is one of the essential parts of the vocabulary. It only means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word. This area needs a good vocabulary to solve the questions well. Questions based on one-word substitution are repeatedly asked in various competitive exams.

1One who has become dependent on something or drugsAddict (SO (Audit), 1997)
2Fear of being enclosed in a small closed spaceClaustrophobia (SO (Audit), 1997)
3Call upon God or any other power (like law) for help or protectionInvocation (SO (Audit), 1997)
4Severely abusive writing in journalsScurrilous (SO (Audit), 1997)
5A person who opposes war or the use of military forcePacifist (SO (Audit), 1997)
6One is not concerned with right or wrongAmoral (SO (Audit), 1997)
7Something no longer in useObsolete (SO (Audit), 1997)
8Stealthily done (something done quietly and secretly in order to avoid being noticed)Surreptitious (SO (Audit), 1997)
9Words written on a tombEpitaph (SO (Audit), 1997)
10A person with a long experience in any occupationVeteran (SO (Audit), 1997)
11Something capable of being doneFeasible (SO (Audit), 2001)
12A person coming to a foreign land to settle thereImmigrant (SO (Audit), 2001)
13Anything which is no longer in useObsolete (SO (Audit), 2001)
14A person who is unable to pay debtsInsolvent (SO (Audit), 2001)
15Capable of being understood in either of two or more possible senses and therefore not definiteAmbiguous (SO (Audit), 2001)
16A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of the dramaEpilogue (SO (Audit), 2001)
17Act of deceiving somebody to make moneyFraud (SO (Audit), 2001)
18A flat metal or Porcelain plate fixed on a wall as an ornament or memorialPlaque (SO (Audit), 2001)
19To cut something into two piecesSever (SO (Audit), 2001)
20A succession of rulers belonging to one familyDynasty (SO (Audit), 2001)
21To seize control of a vehicle to force it to go to a new destination or demand somethingHijack (SO (Audit), 2003)
22Lasting only for a momentMomentary (SO (Audit), 2003)
23One who is indifferent to pleasure or painStoic (SO (Audit), 2003)
24The practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food –Gastronomy (SO (Audit), 2003)
25The killing of a childInfanticide (SO (Audit), 2003)
26One who believes in offering equal opportunities to women in all spheresFeminist (SO (Audit), 2003)
27One who studies election trends using opinion pollsPsephologist (SO (Audit), 2003)
28A doctor who treats childrenPaediatrician (SO (Audit), 2003)
29One who can think about the future with imagination and wisdomVisionary (SO (Audit), 2003)
30Give and receive mutuallyReciprocate (SO (Audit), 2003)
31A building where an audience sitsAuditorium (SO (Audit), 2004)
32The first model of a new devicePrototype (SO (Audit), 2004)
one word substitution

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