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Strategies of promotion

Strategies and Importance of Promotion

Table of Contents:- Strategies of Promotion The Strategies and Importance of Promotion are given below. There are two types of Strategies of Promotion, Marketing communication or promotional strategies: Push Strategy In push strategy, the promotional programme is primarily directed at the market intermediaries in the distribution system. It aims to motivate the market intermediaries to

Challenges of Indian Economy

Importance and Challenges of Indian Economy

Table of Contents:- Challenges of Indian Economy  Importance of Indian Economy Challenges of Indian Economy  The Indian economy faces a wide array of challenges that require focused attention and strategic action. To gain a thorough understanding of the issues of challenges of Indian economy, it is essential to delve into their complexities and explore possible

Cognitive Theory

Cognitive Theory and Psychological Field Theory

Table of Contents:- Cognitive Theory Psychological Field Theory Cognitive Theory  The cognitive theory, more pertinent to the understanding of consumer behaviour, or the theory of cognitive dissonance very pertinent to the understanding of human behaviour, has provided a highly useful and rational explanation for the behaviour. This theory has also been discussed in our theoretical

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