objectives of planning

Top 21 Major Objectives of Planning

Objectives of Planning

The objectives of planning are many and various. These aims are not the same for all organisations, nor they are the same for the same organization at all times.

In the fast-paced world of today, the key to success for any business or industrial unit is the establishment of a solid foundation by Management and Administration, achieved through effective Planning.

Planning initiates the intellectual process of deciding the objectives, drafting the plans and programmes, and defining the policies for the optimum utilization of accessible human and material resources. This approach enables organizations to attain their pre-defined goals.

Planning facilitates Managers and Administrators of any business, industrial unit or management to make progress as per the needs of the desired objectives. 

The following points highlight some of the planning objectives:

1. Planning helps in making accurate and effective forecasting

2. Planning increases the efficiency of work.

3. Planning is required due to social, economic, political, and technological changes.

4. Planning helps in making the budget of the organisation.

5. Planning reduces the wastage of resources in an organisation.

6. Planning helps the organization to make adjustments to the environment.

7. Planning helps the organization to get a specific direction.

8. Planning can set the standards of performance.

9. Planning maintains certainty of activities.

10. Planning helps in accurate and effective forecasting.

11. Planning increases the efficiency of an organization.

12. Planning reduces the risk factors in everyday business activities.

13. Planning facilitates proper coordination within an organization.

14. Planning aids in organising all available resources.

15. Planning provides the right direction for the organization.

16. Planning identifies future opportunities and threats in the environment.

17. Planning is essential for maintaining reasonable control.

18. Planning helps in fulfilling the objectives of the organization.

19. Planning motivates the employees of an organization.

20. Planning encourages the creativity and innovation of the managers.

21. Planning helps in decision making.

Some more objectives of Planning are as follows:-

1. It helps in the preparation of future action plans

The purpose of planning is to look at the prospects and accordingly prepare plans for future goals what, how, when, and with whom the work will be performed.

2. It brings certainty to future activities

The future is uncertain and we don’t know what will happen next therefore through planning some sort of certainty in work can be achieved.

3. It brings uniformity in functions

Uniformity in work can be achieved by planning because the way of doing work is entirely determined by planning, if there is uniformity in work then the reputation of business and production increases.

4. It provides future information

After planning, the information is given to the concerned employees so that they can do their work according to the plan. Therefore planning is also done to provide information. 

Objectives of Planning

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