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Business environment handwritten notes

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Business Environment Meaning, Definition, Nature, Scope, Features

Importance of business environment

Components of business environment

Strategic Management Definition, Meaning

Corporate Social Responsibility – Meaning, Definition

What are Business ethics?

Corporate Culture/Organizational Culture

Economic System Meaning and Definition

Features of Indian economy

Economic Planning in India

Problems related to public sector in Indian economy

Public sector in Indian economy

New Economic Policy 1991

Monetary Policy Meaning

Foreign Trade Meaning, Definition, Importance, Components

Importance and Challenges of Indian Economy

Foreign Direct Investment Meaning, Types

Process of Environmental Analysis

Environmental Forecasting Meaning, Characteristics, Process

Industrial Policy Meaning, Objectives, Importance and Resolution in Detail

Legal Environment of Business in India

Fiscal Policy Meaning, Definition, Objectives, Types

Union Budget Meaning, Characteristics, Objectives, Impact

Political Institutions – Foundation of Governance

Relationship Between Government and Business

Disinvestment Meaning, Objectives and Rationale

Indian Constitution and Democracy

Technological Environment of Business

business environment

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